Can Go brand

The birth story of the trade mark is organic and feminine, born from the need to take care of babies.

Nugget CAN GO, born 3 years ago is spreading the message – mommies you can choose! The idea of the CANGO story is quite simple and playful – stop running around like headless chickens, stop searching, comparing, evaluating, everything that you need is right next to us. Battle between “cheaper or nicer” is exhausting! Relax and enjoy the process of selection – after all we – mothers, wives, daughters in law are responsible for the emotional health of family members, and happiness of our babies!

Baby wants to go, move, and leap through his childhood – let us make sure that he can do it comfortably, with colours and joy!
CAN GO symbolises practicality, universality, and confidence. I can, I walk! Kangaroo – the symbol of CAN GO products accentuates the dynamics of products, freedom of movement, confidence and connection to the world.

We created the trade mark in order to satisfy the changing needs of business clients to the best of our ability. Products of exclusive quality, design and functionality, delivered throughout the entire Europe, are made according to the highest manufacturing standards, adhering to all requirements of safety, quality and reliability. We are offering a product that meets not only the criteria of high quality, but also has a very competitive price. Our main goal is to be accessible.

Our goal is to create and deliver baby and kids’ clothes and accessories to mothers, who are looking for the original design, thought out features, practical and with the best possible composition (95 % of our products are made from 100 % cotton).

Every new collection that we create forces us to re-evaluate our products again and again. We are constantly improving product designs, looking at products through the eyes of the mother and her baby. We always attend various exhibitions and communicate a lot. We listen, therefore we feel the pulse during the process of colour, theme, and character creation.

We are experienced and strong in the manufacturing of baby and kids clothes, therefore in the product range of CAN GO trade mark you will find: overalls, bodies, shirts, trousers, sets, hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, leggings, plaids, hats, gloves, and accessories. Models, colours and themes are in harmony, therefore you will easily find matching sets of clothes in the same collection. We are trying to be flexible, therefore we have scale of sizes from 50 to 140cm, from infants to children of 10-11years.

During 1 year we make from 8 to 16 collections with different themes. CAN GO range currently has models of 80 different designs, at the beginning of 2018 we counted more than 2000 products of a different design.
Cango is freedom, it is the desire to leap forward, right from your birth throughout the entire childhood!